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Tony Oreb

Advanced Pitching Instructor

Tony Oreb, who grew up in San Diego, CA, has been living in the Eastern TX area prior to coming to North Carolina. His father instilled in him a passion for sports. Like his father, he gravitated toward baseball at a young age. At 5 years old, he said he was going to be a professional baseball player; however, he would learn through many experiences, it’s not that easy. In fact, nothing in life comes easy, but all things in life worth working for take time, commitment and conviction.


High school baseball was a challenging experience for Tony and his love and integrity for the game were tested. Every year of his high school career, new coaches would come and go, and that 5 year olds dream job would seem more and more unattainable. He gravitated toward trying out a new sport in Water Polo after watching an Olympic game in the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. Shortly after, with a competitive swimmers background and a baseball pitchers arm strength, he would realize his potential in that new sport and set his sights on trying to become a part of the 2016 Mens Team USA National Olympic Team in Rio de Janeiro.He graduated from Valley Center High School with honors obtaining a 4.45 GPA along with First Team All American honors, Co-MVP of his conference his senior season, and First Team All Conference Honors in the state of CA.


Tony would go on to pursue Water Polo at a local Junior College in CA (Palomar College). There, he quickly emerged into a starting role and helped Palomar win the Pacific Coast Athletic Conference (PCAC). He took home PCAC Player of the Week honors, PCAC Newcomer of the Year, First Team All PCAC, Co- PCAC MVP, First Team All American honors as well as a Second Team All State Selection. In addition, to helping Palomar finish 9th place in the National Championship. He received a scholarship at UOP to play water polo and while there, connected with the baseball team and threw three consecutive pitches for the baseball coach at 96 mph who encouraged him to play both sports. Unfortunately due to the lack of credits transferring, he was ineligible to play sports and injury and misfortune followed him throughout his NCAA career, which hindered his dreams of being drafted. However his talent, passion and determination left an impression on those coaches from other universities that he attended. Transferring to the NAIA, he started 2020 as a strong professional prospect then the covid pandemic struck. After working out with a few pitching coaches, he was offered a scholarship for 2021 in Ottawa, Kansas where he was leading the team in ERA until a back injury put him on the shelf, leaving MLB scouts he was talking to in disappointment. Since then, summers have been spent playing college baseball, and his love for the game has stayed strong.


Tony has attained a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Finance, and he is still pursuing his goal of being a professional baseball player. Having a strong faith and support system has helped him deal with the ups and downs, hopes and broken promisees that comes with this profession, and is giving him the determination to be a reliable resource and mentor for other athletes aspiring to pursue the game we all love.


Tony has been put through a lot in this game, and he acknowledges that there are many people who have had it worse as well as some who have had it better. Regardless, everyone has a journey in this game that looks a little different. This is a beautiful game and so many lessons to be had, whether coaching, instructing or playing in it. Tony has definitely gained the insight it takes to make this game a career and he welcomes any opportunity he’s given, but he also enjoys giving back and instructing the next generation of aspiring baseball players, and athletes who aspire to chase there dreams.

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